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The Legacy Continues

Thomas & Josephine Washington Family Reunion

FAMILY, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

Our American History

We give honor to George & Jane Washington
Parents of Thomas Washington (Papa Tom)

We are still family....

A legacy can be understood as leaving something of yourself behind. To that end Papa Tom and Momma Josephine as they were affectionately known were married in 1890. This was truly a difficult time for a black man in a country struggling to give identity to a disenfranchised race of people.

To this union 10 boys and 6 girls were born. The 3 oldest boys died at young ages leaving 13 children who all lived well into their adult years.

They lived in Grand Cane, Louisiana on a farm that they leased. Papa Tom was an overseer of a cotton plantation. He rode his horse proudly making sure that the seeds were planted and that the cotton was being picked, while Mama Josephine was busy loving and taking care of her babies.

They named their children after one another and there was great meaning behind the names chosen. They all grew up in Louisiana and in later years some moved away to California, Michigan and Texas.

Momma Josephine passed away at the age of 57, and Papa Tom later got remarried to Florida. But he never stopped encouraging his family to stay in touch with each other by going to Flower Hill Baptist Church every Sunday. He also had family Bar-B-Que's at his house and at the houses of some of his children.

Many years after Papa Tom passed his granddaughter, Roberta Black had a strong desire to keep the Thomas and Josephine's legacy alive, (We Are A Family). 

Roberta formed a committee of two co-founders, minister, secretary, treasurer, and contact members. They formed the first offical reunion and named it the "Washington Family Reunion." The first WFR was held in memory of Thomas and Josephine Washington Legacy in 1980 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

So what Papa Tom did all those many years ago we continue to honor to this present day. And although there have been many ups and downs in this large family we honor the legacy because Papa Tom always wanted his family to remember that, "We Are Still A Family. “

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

Washington Family Strong

From these Roots........

Thomas Washington
Born: March 6, 1869
Died: April 28, 1946
77 years

Papa Tom

Josephine Washington
Born: March 25, 1873
Died: November 3, 1930
57 years

Mama Jo

Henry Washington-Goode

Born 4 Aug 1891
Died 21 Jul 1979
88 years
spouse (James Goode)

Gental Lee Washington

Born 4 Aug 1892
Died about ?/1906

Luella "Mama Lou"
Washington Lee

Born 26 Jun 1893
Died 7 Oct 1995
102 years
spouse (Clyde Lee)

George Washington

Born 4 August 1894
Died about ?/1901
7 years

Viola Washington Marshall

Born 12 December 1895
Died ?/
spouse (Clark Marshall)

John "Booker T" Washington

Born 2 February 1899
Died 20 July 1983
84 years
spouse (Henrietta)

Andrew Washington

Born about 1900
1910 census listed as 9 yrs old

Billy Reese Washington

Born 18 October 1901
Died 15 November 2001
99 years
spouse (Myrtice)

Mitchell Washington

Born 12 August 1903
Died 2 September 1974
71 years
spouse (Rosa Rugley)

Mary Jane Washington-Brown

Born 28 March 1905
Died 15 December 2002
97 years
spouse (Robert Brown)

Lillie Washington-Green

Born 4 June 1907
Died 26 November 1999
92 years
spouse (George Green)

Jessie Washington-White

Born 30 September 1908
Died 1 May 1998
89 years
spouse(John Lee White)

Richard Washington

Born 4 March 1910
Died 13 August 2006
96 years
spouse (Myrtle)

Turner Washington Sr.

Born 8 August 1911
Died 21 August 2003
92 years
spouse (Lillie Bell)

RC Washington Sr.

Born 16 November 1914
Died 13 August 2001
86 years
spouse (Ilee)

Joe Allen Washington Sr.

Born 3 September 1916
Died ?/1976
60 years

Thomas & Josephine Washington Family Reunion
est. 1980

Roberta Black (Mary Jane)

Mary Bell Johnson (Lillie) & Mary Graham (Luella)

RC Washington Jr. (RC)
Kathy Faye McCowan (Luella)
Clinton Buggs (Viola's Husband - Luella's daughter)
Anne Salone (John)
Ann Green (Lillie)
Morris Lee (Luella)
Charlesetta Green (Mitchell)

Thank you to our trailblazers and those who continue to be torch bearers!

The Love of Family is One of Life's Greatest Blessing

WFR Committee Chair Members

Granddaughter of Mitchell Washington

Rosie Washington-Cason (Mitchell)


Granddaughter of Mitchell Washington

Charlesetta Washington-Green (Mitchell)


Granddaughter of Mitchell Washington

Phyllis Washington-Alvarado (Mitchell)


Granddaughter of Billy Reese Washington

Chemina Hanley (Billy Reese)


Grandson of Robert "RC" Washington

Titus Washington (RC)

Business Meeting Chair

Son of Turner & Lillie Bell Washington Sr.

Thomas Burnett Washington (Turner)

Chief Historian

Daughter of Lillie Washington Green

Ann Green (Lillie)


Daughter of Mitchell Washington

Ella Mae Greene (Mitchell)


Son of Mitchell Washington

Rev. Tom H. Washington (Mitchell)


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